6 ways to prevent digital eye strain

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July 8, 2019
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August 5, 2019

6 ways to prevent digital eye strain

digital eye strain

In modern times, our lives are nothing without technology. From the alarm which goes off to our E-book by the bed stand, appliances rule over our day to day lives. What do these electronic appliances have in common? Simple, we need to look at them to control their functions. But the prolonged stares at our computer, tabs, and phones lead to an ailment known as digital eye strain. Tired and dried eyes, migraine-like headaches, and blurry visions hint at this problem caused by technology. Now you might be facing at least one of the symptoms while reading this. Hence, as an eye specialist in Mumbai, India, let me guide you with different tips for preventing digital eye strain.

I, Dr.Nikhil Nasta, prescribe these simple steps:

  • Keep Glares Away –  Light color walls (yellow, lime green or red), phone brightness set to high or even bright sunlight at your home or workspace sun can be a source of great inconvenience. This can be resolved by optimally using curtains at your home/workspace during the daytime and keeping the phone brightness set at “read mode”.
  • Make Your Room Comfortable – I advise repainting the room to darker shades of deep blue, grey, etc. There is another solution that can be adapted if you prefer light shades of paint, which is non-reflective coatings over the paint.
  • Exercise Your Eyes – Exercising the eyes is vital. Almost as much as working out at the gym. When working on a laptop or mobile, after every 15-20 minutes, look away from the screen, and try to look at random things around you, thus reducing fatigue of the eye. Hence, you’re giving at the most 20 minutes screen time at once.
  • Calm the Nerves – During the break, look at something far away and rest your eyes. In your free time, concentrate on a random object in the room and look at it closely till it is the only thing you see. Doing this increases your ability to focus without any blurs, which strengthens the nerves of your eyes. And of course, always remember to blink. It is something people often forget while staring at screens for too long.
  • Use Specialized Computer Glasses – Times are changing. Nowadays you’ll need protection against what you use the most. While on PC, the screen’s brightness and stress from constant work can lead to eyes drying up quickly. As an eye specialist in Mumbai, this is one of the primary reasons people develop sight problems. For this, progressive lenses for computer and mobile screens come handy, minimizing the stress of looking at the screen from close for too long.
  • Use Photochromic Lenses
    We at I-Sight also advice photochromatic eyewear which comes with brown and grey-tinted lenses, reducing the screen’s glare.

Incorporate these changes into your lives, and you’ll see visible results. But that’s not all, as eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the body. Make sure to schedule a timely visit to experienced eye doctors in Mumbai at I-Sight, for eye-tests to check on changes in power and other complications.

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