Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract surgery is carried out for treating cataracts which can lead to blurred vision and increase glare from light. When cataract gets worse and prevent you from doing normal activities, the doctors may suggest cataract eye surgery or lens surgery treatment in observation of best cataract eye specialist.

Cataract is an eye disease in which the clear lens of eyes becomes opaque or cloudy leading to decrease in vision. While cataract is a gradual process of normal aging, it could also develop at a faster pace occasionally. This eye disease could affect both the eyes but it is common for the cataract to get developed much faster in one eye than the other. This kind of eye problem is very common among elderly people.


While the factors causing cataracts in humans are unknown, there are some predictions among medical professionals. These cataracts seem to occur in mankind due to changes in the protein structure present within the lens of your eyes. They can also be present in child by birth or from its early childhood due to hereditary enzyme defects, systematic congenital infection or genetic disease. Eye surgery, severe eye trauma and intraocular inflammation may also lead to cataracts. Other factors that contribute to the cause of eye cataracts are excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, exposure to ionized radiation, smoking and the use of specific medications like topical, oral, inhaled steroids(anti asthma pumps).

The only possible way to get rid of Cataracts is to undergo cataract surgery. This surgery involves the procedure of removing the lens of your eyes and replacing it with an artificial lens. The cataract or lens surgery is used for treating the clouding of normal lens of your eye. Usually, the cataract surgery is performed by an eye surgeon and is an outpatient procedure. So, you need not stay for a longer time in the clinic or hospital after this surgery.

Cataract formation can occur in any age although common at old age. If you are looking for cataract surgery in Mumbai, do not search further.

Although cataract surgery is relatively safe, complications do happen rarely. Most of the complications can be handled well with decent outcomes.



Cataract is the cloudiness that develops in the natural lens of the eye and hampers your vision. This is fairly common and its treatment entitles a surgery to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a lens implant. Here are few FAQs which might pop into your head regarding the procedure.

There are various types of lens implant available at present. If you are getting a phacoemulsification surgery which is commonly called laser surgery or phaco, its best to choose a foldable lens implant. A rigid implant in this case is not advisable.

There are basically lenses that correct your distance numbers only. Then there are lenses that correct cylindrical or axis number for distance. Nowadays, some people opt for multifocal lenses which correct the number for distance and near, thus reducing spectacle dependency post surgery.

Yes, in most cases, reading glasses are the norm post surgery. Those who opt for multifocal, don’t need readers as frequently.

No, the surgery is done under the effect of anesthetic drops. This eliminates the need for any local injections in or around the eye. You do not experience pain intra operatively with this. Having said that, an injection may be necessary in some cases for better results or if patient is not very cooperative, or the cataract is too hard. This decision is best left to the operating surgeon.

You should be able to resume indoor work in about 2-3 days post surgery, depending on your healing. This is decided by the surgeon during the post operative checkups. Remember, cataract surgery is relatively quick and safe surgery, in experienced hands and with good technology. Choose wisely before you opt for surgery as changing the lense or re doing the operation is not always a good option.

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