Cornea Treatment: Cornea Eye Surgery and Specialist


Common disorders and diseases affecting cornea

  • Allergies: The very common allergies that affect eyes are those associated with pollen, specially if the weather is dry and warm. Symptoms include itching, redness, stinging, burning and watery discharge, though they are not typically severe enough to seek medical attention.
  • Dry eye: The constant production as well as drainage of tears is significant to the health of eye. Tears make the eye moist, assist injuries to heal and prevent against the eye infection. For people having dry eye, the eye produces less or fewer quality tears and become unable to make its surface comfortable and lubricated.
  • Corneal ulcers: Corneal ulcers are commonly caused due to infection with viruses, bacteria, parasite or fungi. Acanthamoeba keratitis develops in the users of contact lens. It is very likely to take place in people who create their own cleaning solutions homemade. Fungal keratitis develops after corneal injury which involves plant material. It may also be developed in people having suppressed immune system

Recovery techniques for cornea related issues

Treatment for corneal infections and corneal ulcers is based on the cause. The cornea treatment services must be started as quick as possible in order to prevent cornea scarring. When the exact cause for the problem is not known, then your eye specialist will give you antibiotic drops which can effectively work against several types of bacteria. Soon as the exact cause is identified, you will be provided drops which could treat herpes, bacteria, fungus or other bacteria. Ulcers in severe conditions sometimes necessitate a corneal transplant. The corticosteroid eye drops may be employed to reduce inflammation and swelling in some conditions. Your healthcare provider offering corneal eye treatment services may also suggest you the following,

  • Avoid eye makeup
  • No use of contact lenses or not wearing them during night
  • Use pain medications
  • Wearing an eye patch for keeping out light and aid with symptoms
  • Wearing protective glasses

Possible complications

The corneal ulcers and infections, when untreated may result in

  • Loss of eye
  • Scars over the cornea
  • Severe loss of vision

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