Everything You Need to Know About Vision 20-20

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Everything You Need to Know About Vision 20-20

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Vision acuity is well-considered through the Snellen chart. The Snellen chart consists of letters that are progressively displayed in a smaller size in the chart. A vision is considered to be normal or accurate when the result indicates a VISION 20-20. In some of the cases, Snellen chart my not be used, instead “Tumbling E” eye charts are used. 

The grounds behind using the “Tumbling E” eye chart though it follows the same scale standards are, some people are not capable of reading the letters that are depicted in the Snellen chart. The small children who are shy or may not know every alphabet may suffer. Using the “Tumbling E” eye chart, which holds every letter in capital E but in different angles and sizes, resembles this problem.
tumbling E chart
Vision 20-20 instructs that the vision of a person is normal, which means they can read a letter placed at 20 feet. There are different levels of vision of eye such as 20-40.20-80, 20-100. In many instances of an eye-test, whenever a patient can read the topmost letter of the chart but fails to recognize the lower letters, his vision is marked as poor vision. A vision of 20-100 is considered and marked as the poor eye-sight vision. A person holding the vision 20-20 can see the objects 1/10th large as someone holding the vision of 20-100. 

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