Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma treatment or surgery is used to cure the group of disorders that result in damaging optic nerve. This is caused by increased pressure in your eyes. Basically, glaucoma is divided into two types and they include closed angle and open angle glaucoma. While the open angle glaucoma develops slowly and does not show off any symptom until the significant progression of diseases, the closed angle glaucoma is featured by sudden pain, redness, vomiting and nausea. This kind of disorder can damage the vision of affected eyes. Glaucoma treatment in Mumbai at Dadar and Khar is best for Glaucoma surgery for both the types of glaucoma can be treated with laser surgeries under the supervision of experienced professionals.


Why Glaucoma Occurs?

The increased pressure of the eye, also called intraocular pressure, which could damage the optic nerve, which would transmit the images to your brain. If the damages persist, it may lead to permanent loss of vision. Other causes of glaucoma include chemical injury to the eye, blockage of blood vessels in the eyes, eye surgery for correcting other eye problems, inflammatory condition of the eye, severe eye infection, etc.

How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

It is diagnosed on the basis of:

1.Measurement of Eye Pressure
2.Corneal Thickness
3.Angle Structure Assessment
4.Optic Nerve Head Analysis

How Glaucoma Treatment is Performed?

Glaucoma treatment is treated with eye drops, laser and surgery. This medical condition that causes damage to the optic nerve of your eye gets worse with time. It is usually associated with the buildup of pressure inside your eyes. However, this harsh condition can be eliminated by undergoing laser eye surgery which is performed in the clinic following gentle anesthesia which is achieved by using numbing eye drops. These laser treatments are used for treating the inside of affected eyes without requiring invasive surgery and sterile condition of the operating room.

Safety of Glaucoma Surgery

As Glaucoma surgery is done under the supervision of medical professionals and high end laser technology is used to treat glaucoma, you can ensure the safety and even remain free from risks with this surgery.

Risk factors of Glaucoma Treatment

As no surgery is perfect without any risk, glaucoma surgery treatment also comes with one or two complications which must be treated in the best possible manner to hinder them from getting more serious. Bleeding, infection at the wound, pain after surgery, etc. Are some of the risk factors that accompany glaucoma surgery.

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