Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastics surgery is also known as eyelid surgery which is used for treating conditions that affect eyes and their surrounding areas including eyelid lifts, lower eyelid, upper eyelid, double eyelid, volumization, tear trough filler and even skin care. This surgery includes treating sun damages and managing skin tumors around the eyelids.

What It Is?

Commonly done procedures are fillers, venus lift, treatment of droopy eyes and accessive watering. Oculoplastic or eyelid surgery is performed for medical and cosmetic purposes on the eyelids, lacrimal system and anatomy structure behind the eyelids. The eyelid treatment and surgical procedure includes the combination of microsurgery and precision of ophthalmology with the reconstructive and aesthetic concept of plastic surgery. In fact, this surgery is a small and highly selective subspecialist of ophthalmology.

Why Oculoplastic Surgery Is Done?

Oculoplastic surgical procedure is done for those people who are suffering out of functional and aesthetic eye problems. This specific procedure is done for correcting deformities caused by entropion, ectropion, artificial eyes, ptosis, skin cancer, injuries and retraction of the eyelids. Lower eyelid procedures are to elevate and tighten the lids with canthoplasty to reduce the symptoms of irritation and redness from corneal exposure. The tear duct surgery is performed for repairing the blockage of tear duct which lead to excessive watering. The orbital surgery is done to reposition the bone or remove tumors that occur with the bony socket. The eyelid surgeons and specialist will work closely in case of thyroid patients to determine the most appropriate condition for the procedure.


There are no potential side effects associated with Oculoplastic surgery. But you should get the surgical procedures done by experienced professionals who have knowledge in carrying out aesthetic and functional eye surgery. As this kind of surgeries is done by ophthalmologists who have undergone special training in plastic surgery, safety and health of your eyes will be given utmost consideration. Moreover, these surgeries are done as an outpatient procedure and so, you need not stay in the hospital for longer duration.

Risks Associated With Oculoplastic Surgery:

The patients who undergo Oculoplastic surgery may undergo some hemorrohagic complication. The usage of anticoagulant medications, patient age, patient sex, medical condition and type of procedures may contribute to the risk of surgery. Some patients may undergo severe bleeding that could affect the outcome of this surgery. Even though, a few patients are spotted with hemorrhagic complication, the incidence of complications is extremely low, according to recent statistics.

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