eye facts

THAT’S SO EYE-SOME !!, 6 Cool Eye Facts that you must know.

Vision is a beautiful and complex part of our daily life. we easily take it for granted, but it's important to take time to recognize what makes all of that ...
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eye exam

Everything You Need to Know About Vision 20-20

Vision acuity is well-considered through the Snellen chart. The Snellen chart consists of letters that are progressively displayed in a smaller size in the chart. A vision is considered to ...
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digital strain eye doctor

Are Computer Eye Glasses Worth Wearing to Reduce Digital Eye Strain?

Contemporarily, new-fashioned workplaces are full of digital devices. People tend to work with digital strains the whole day! Before commencing the blog, let's assimilate what Digital Strain comprises of. Digital ...
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The Importance of Eye Exams For Everyone

You must have heard your friends, colleagues, or family members mention they went for an eye examination and it went great. Many-a-times, people refrain from getting their eye exams done ...
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5 Simple exercise for Better Vision

Vision is perhaps one of the greatest gifts the creation has bestowed unto us. Humans, for more than a millennia, have been evolving new techniques to help their gift of ...
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June 10, 2019

Eyecare Tips For Monsoon

Monsoon season although delightful, a little care for your eyes can go a long way in preventing infections and keeping them healthy so that you can […]
January 17, 2019


We spend a lot of time on our eye-makeup: perfectly winged eyeliner, smokey eyeshadow and the perfect touch of mascara! But have you ever thought how […]
November 6, 2018

5 Fruits that are Good for your Eyes

While all the five senses of your body have their importance, eyesight comes at the top. Imagine how the world would be if you are unable […]
November 6, 2018

Why You Should Consider A Cataract Surgery ?

Cataract is a condition of the eye in which the eyesight becomes blurred. The affected person can’t see things properly because of the cloudy vision. Cataract […]

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