The Importance of Eye Exams For Everyone

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The Importance of Eye Exams For Everyone

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You must have heard your friends, colleagues, or family members mention they went for an eye examination and it went great. Many-a-times, people refrain from getting their eye exams done just because they are facing no vision problems or their last time went great result-wise. This is one of the major misconceptions people have about eyesight, that if there are no symptoms, there must be no problem. Usually, symptoms are the last thing that comes with an impending eye disease or condition.

In my career as an eye specialist, I have come across many cases where people could have avoided eye surgeries or vision loss by getting their regular eye examinations. As an eye specialist in Mumbai, I, Dr. Nikhil Nasta, usually suggest my patients and everyone else I see to understand that eye diseases are sneaky and can have long-lasting bad results on your vision. Hence, here I give you some of the major reasons you should get your eye examination done pronto if you haven’t in a long time.

    • This is common for everyone – Eye diseases don’t see your physical health or lifestyle. They can attack you any time out of nowhere, and you won’t be able to detect them as they develop and show their symptoms slowly. Hence, getting an eye exam will help you in finding out if your vision is still top-notch or does something need to be weeded out to save you from the hassle of long, tiring, and comprehensive eye surgeries. 
    • It isn’t time-consuming – People usually refrain from getting their eye examinations because they have this misconception that they consume a lot of time. A comprehensive eye exam takes a maximum of one to one and a half hours to complete, and a simple one takes around 30 minutes. 
    • Early detection of eye diseases or conditions – In case you have any eye diseases or conditions developing, an eye exam can help the eye doctor in detecting it early and taking necessary steps to stop it from spreading or causing further damage. This can help you in avoiding painful or expensive eye surgeries, and even save you from having to wear spectacles for the remainder of your life. 
    • It isn’t a regular thing – You don’t have to worry about having to visit your eye doctor at regular intervals for getting an eye exam. For kids over 6 years, an eye exam is only needed once every six months. For people above 15 years of age, an eye exam is only needed once annually. This isn’t a heavy task and can be done easily to save one of the greatest gifts of life- vision.

An eye examination is nothing but a stroll to your eye doctor and some easy tests that are usually made fun by many eye specialists in Mumbai. Schedule your next eye exam with I Sight Eye Care & Surgery and make sure that your eyes remain safe and sound.

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